The Last Slice- The End of The Silvia Weinstock Decedent Dessert Celebration Cake Era

sylvia cake.png

I just love the fantastic little luxuries of life. Absurdly, decadent over the top details of life are moments I savor. At Penguin’s (one of my two best friends whom privacy is the ultimate privilege, hence the nickname) birthday I had the most luxurious cake I ever had in my life!  I treated it like the top tier of a wedding cake and saved it in my freezer (maybe for a bit longer than a year now. December of 2017 was one year since Sylvia Weinstock took the company in a different direction and no longer produces these edible works of art) Seriously, this birthday cake was a Sylvia Weinstcock cake. How could I not? Sylvia Weinstock is an internationally celebrated high-end cake designer, known for the handmade life like edible flowers.  I love how the delicate details in the darling April Cornell table linens complement the ornate details of the cake.