Eric Schmidt, Google CEO says the best advice he ever got, “you need a coach, everybody needs a coach”.

“Living Your Best Life, is not something that happens by chance it’s the reward we receive by making the choice to choose happy. I believe that planning is the pathway of getting there and staying there. Accountability is key, and a goal with a deadline is what turns a dream in to reality.”  - Michele A. McDonald

I work with clients both one on one and in a small group setting to:

  • Clearly Identify, what they want
  • More specifically in each of the spokes of their wellness wheel
  • Map Plan to Live their Best Life
  • Identify Blind spots or behaviors that get in the way of success and happiness.
  • Take Action by creating Sustainable Positive Changes
  • Reframe Possibilities
  • Reclaim Authentic Self
  • Attracting their Best Life
  • Organize their Vision and Bring it to Life
  • Making Choices to Live their Best Life Everyday
  • Learn Accountability techniques to Honor Commitments
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Elevate Self Esteem and Confidence
  • To gain better balance with Personal Goals, Time Management, Health, Wellness, Finances, and Interpersonal Relationships

    One on One Coaching Sessions last about one hour and generally take place weekly either over the phone, via face time or in- person depending upon the clients preference and availability.

    The Bohemian Beauty Queen, host Small Group Boot Camps quarterly in NYC, Long Island, and the Hamptons. Meeting locations and times vary, at this time this service is only offered in-person.

    Speaking Engagements Partner with Michele to customize an inspiring talk for a particular program or event