The Bohemian Beauty Queen is an Inspirational Lifestyle Life Coach Service with the focus on “Living Your Best Life” by making the choice to Choose Happy and Planning is the Pathway of getting there and staying there. Accountability is key and a goal with a deadline helps turn a dream in to reality.

The Bohemian Beauty Queen Blog is more of a lifestyle guide for those looking to establish their own sense of style, wellness, tips on decorating their home, and entertaining with a focus on the balance between the casual comforts of costal living and the glitz and glam of city life. Yes, it is possible to live with little luxuries weaved in to our everyday life even without a bottomless budget, and I’m going to share some of the ways of how I do that with you. 

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I just adore my The Bohemian Beauty Queen canvas tote bag! Of course I'm just over the moon with the name & logo that is on it! And it's simply perfect- I always keep it in whatever bag I'm using for the day. It's perfect to tote home treasures I've picked up while I was out and about town- On the day this picture was taken, it was great to toss a jean jacket & the clutch I chose for the day on the town. Plus, I love that there was still space in my The Bohemian Beauty Queen canvas tote to tote home all the treasures I collected for the day. 

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