Treasures of Traveling


For as long as I can remember I’ve had the desire to be a World Traveler, there was nothing as appealing to me as to travel and go on adventures in new cities.  I’m pretty sure this desire played a major part in my decision of choosing to continue my education at Long Island University’s -Friends World Program (currently Global College) an International College Program where I studied International Interdisciplinary Studies. It was during my college years that I discovered that my favorite thing about traveling was what I learned from the culture and what I chose to bring back with me.

For example; in Copenhagen, Denmark they have long, snowy, brutally cold winters, and a way that they choose to bring warmth and light indoors during this extended period of dark days with having candles lit throughout the day and the night. There is something so soft and just so soothing about candlelight. Although, I have always loved candles - still do, seriously I have candles throughout The Pink House, it never occurred to me to light the candles during the day. That was until I learned that it was very common, even traditional in Scandinavian Countries to have candles lit in the daytime of the winter months. Since observing this, I've been living candles to help bring warmth and light in to The Pink House during the increasingly longer, brutally cold Long Island winters.

 Then there are my tangible take-a ways like these charcoal gray legwarmers that I scored at a flea market in Amsterdam seven years ago- and they have got to be one of my favorite finds! Seriously I wear them ALL year -every season & love them more & more every time I wear them! I’m not the typical tourist shopper. I’m not the type to buy a sweatshirt or baseball cap with the name of the city I’m visiting inscribed on it.  I prefer to go treasure hunting with the hopes of finding a piece that I will weave itself in to in to everyday wear.  Then when I wear it my mind will be flooded with memories of a wonderful experience traveling the world.