My 5 Essentials for a Summer Weekend Getaway

Ah, summer I just love summer- weekend-getaways-basking in the warmth of the sun. Stand Up Paddle, beach cruising, picnicking, swimming.  I don't love the damage the sun does to my skin and hair.  Since my summer is spent on the beach in the sun, I've invested a bit of time this past spring in finding the absolute best products that alleviate (some of) that concern.

My 5 Summer Weekend Getaway Essentials with Preventative Wellness in mind:


1.HUM Nutrition Collagen Love (Neiman Marcus $40/30day supply) I start my day with my daily vitamins in addition to daily supplements. Adding three HUM Nutrition' Collagen Love capsules to my morning routine was a no brainer, virtually no effort. I just love the changes in my skin since I've started using HUM Nutrition's Collagen Love– requires me to be outside. 

2. Dr. Stephen Greenberg's Plastic Surgeon in a Jar illuminator ($71/1.7ozjar) Ah, the joys of Long Island Life; well really coastal living anywhere. My skin endures so much throughout the day it’s absolutely imperative that I do what I can to replenish the moisture in to my skin.  At a fraction of the cost of the high- end face creams carried at better department stores, Plastic Surgeon In a Jar is truly a miracle in a jar.


3. Caviar Anti-Aging Shampoo (by Alterna Harmon Beauty Supply $29.49/ 8.5oz bottle *AND don't forget Harmon accepts Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons- that never expire!) Yes, actual Caviar, (well Caviar extract) is an actual ingredient in this lux shampoo. A key ingredient in replenishing moisture while protecting from hair-color fade, daily stresses and future damages. I noticed a difference in the texture and in the vibrancy of my hair about a week.


4. Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase made with Copper Core technology ($65 individual $85/pair Neiman Marcus) These pillow covers REALLY do fight wrinkles while we sleep and since my discovery it’s a product I just can’t live with out.  It’s beyond simple to use. You simply slide your favorite pillow in this skin-rejuvenating pillowcase and sleep on it nightly.


5. Vegan Rob's Snacks are delicious, healthy and my guilt free snack. Seriously, these chips, puffs, strips, and popcorn, are organic and vegan. They come in a large variety of flavors. My favorites are Asparagus Chips made with Algae Protein, the plant based Brussels Sprout Puffs, and the Probiotic Cauliflower Puffs. The 1.25oz bag ($1.75) is the perfect size to carry-on the Jitney for my trip east, and a healthy option that helps me resist the treats offered from the Jitney attendant. The 3.5oz ($3.79) bag is perfect sharing size to bring along to the beach. Road-trips and beach days are typically times I justify cheat snacks, knowing this and planning for it is essential for me to stay on track with my health goals.